Exciting news! Odd Man Out: The Series set to be the first web series premiering on Moxi.TV! Instead of dropping the entire series, week after week we’ll release trailers and new episodes. The link below is for when the trailers and episodes go live. Very pleased this company liked our show enough to have it be their first web series on their platform!


(March 2021)

 “The Brothers” is an official selection, a semi-finalist for Best Short Film at Flixze Film Festival!

(December 2020)

News & Updates  

 Stills from the "Us Against Them" Shoot! 
(December 2020)

PRESS RELEASE: Proud to announce that Odd Man Out: The Series will be streaming live on a Chicago Local Broadcast Television Station! See details and press release below. More details to come.

December 14, 2020, Monday at 9AM CST On Free Over-the-Air WPVN Channel 24.3

Chicago, IL (December 11, 2020)- SWAAGTV...Chicago’s 1st and Only 24/7 Local Black Broadcast Television station launches December 14, 2020 on WPVN Channel 24.3. SWAAGTV is created to serve Chicago’s large and diverse Black population with news and entertainment programs.

SWAAGTV presents an exciting lineup of programs including movies, music, documentaries, dramas, sitcoms, inspiration, and children’s programming. They are partnered with major film distribution companies and independent filmmakers from across America, Caribbean Islands, Canada, France, Nigeria, and the UK.

(December 2020)

 Excited to announce we are in pre-production for our next project entitled “Us Against Them”....shooting in December 2020!

(November 2020

 Still shots and behind the scenes photos of very talented actors for our next project “The Brothers”

(October 2020) 

5R Productions is in Pre-Production for our next project. A short film entitled "The Brothers." Filming begins soon!

(October 2020)

Odd Man Out: The Series was just submitted to the New York International Film Awards in the category of “Best Web Series”

(May 2020) 

“Between Us”, a short film written by myself was just submitted to the Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards in the category of “Best Short Script” 

(May 2020)

Face Off Trailer

Trailer to our award winning short film, "Face Off"

 Excited to announce our newest submission! Thank you to IFP for the opportunity to submit Odd Man Out: The Series to your Episodic Labs Program. We’re excited for the team to review our work!! Good luck to all of the other shows that have submitted.
(April 2020) 

5R Productions is excited to announce a new partnership coming our way with a new television network. More details to follow very soon! 
(February 2020)

Excited to announce our newest submission! Odd Man Out: The Series has been submitted to the SAG-AFTRA Foundation short film showcase 2020 in Los Angeles! Thank you SAG Foundation for the opportunity to show the world our show once again. ‬

(January 2020)

 Excited to show one of the posters for our upcoming film “What’s To Come.” The film will be World Premiering soon. Already a winner of Best Web Series/TV Pilot at Independent Shorts Awards in Los Angeles, CA. More details to come! 

(January 2020) 

Excited to announce our latest festival submission! Odd Man Out: The Series was just submitted to Indie Short Fest in the category of “Best Web/New Media.” More details to come. (October 2019) 

Odd Man Out: The Series was just submitted to Los Angeles CineFest via FilmFreeway in the category of “Web Series” (September 2019)  

Odd Man Out: The Series was just submitted to Queen Palm International Film Festival via FilmFreeway.com in the category of “Best Trailer” (August 2019) 

Excited and proud to announce we just submitted Odd Man Out: The Series to Outfest 2020 via FilmFreeway! Shout out to the LGBTQ and people of color film community for the chance for our work to be shown & heard. We’re with you! (August 2019)