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Philadelphia, PA - Hometown

 Crew picture below after completing a day of shooting Odd Man Out: The Series


Awards Ceremony - NJ Film Awards

Proud to announce 2 of my projects picked up 3 wins! (June 2021)

Proud to announce that I've received a Best Supporting Actor Nomination for my role as "Smith Taft" in Us Against Them (May 2021) 

Thanks for these Spreads "A Little Cup of Acting" Blog. Glad to be getting my name out in the Toronto and Vancouver, Canada areas!

(May 2021)


Stills from "Us Against Them" - my Directorial Debut 

Major thanks to "A Little Cup of Acting Blog" for taking the time to interview me about my journey as an Actor/Creator. Hopefully these words inspire other creators to chase their dreams! 

Link below! (May 2021) 

I'm very excited to announce that Odd Man Out: The Series has been chosen to be apart of Lil Rel’s Curated Comedy Channel on kweliTV! (May 2021) 



Odd Man Out: The Series has just won Best Web Series of the month at DMOFF!! Our link is below and the list of winners of the month are beneath. Thank you DMOFF. (May 2021) 

“Us Against Them” my directorial debut, is a finalist at the Independent Film Association-Philadelphia (IFAP) Awards in the category of “Best Short Film” (May 2021)


Thanks to Moxi TV on this write up and continuing to push my show, Odd Man Out: The Series! (April 2021) 

 A behind the scenes shot of the project King Lahiri The Movie - coming soon! I play the role of Samir. The project is submitted to Tribeca Film Festival! Glad to be apart of it!  (March 2021) 

 Some encouraging news from a scorecard yesterday for “Us Against Them.” We’re happy with the feedback we received. Thank you to Golden Short Film Festival for taking the time to do this! (March 2021)

 "Us Against Them," the story of a cop who ultimately has to choose sides before it’s too late. My directorial debut. Coming soon! 
(December 2020) 

 The poster for “The Brothers” has arrived! 
(October 2020)

Still shots from “The Brothers”

(October 2020) 

 Behind the scenes photos of my next project, a short film entitled “The Brothers.” Coming soon! 
(October 2020)  

 Behind the scenes photos of a short film I recently acted in entitled "King Lahiri." I play the role of Samir.

(October 2020)

Promo Shoot/behind the scenes for "Cyclones," a feature film. Coming soon!

(August 2020)

Shout out to Daily Actor for featuring me on their website! I share a bit of insight into the importance of creating your own work and staying active as an artist. Was a great pleasure to write this to try and help my fellow dream chasers. The feature went live yesterday so check it out when you can. Link below! 
(August 2020)

 Thank you to ShoutOut LA for interviewing me for your amazing website! This is my second interview with them. Los Angeles is still dear to my heart and I’m proud of the many things I accomplished while living there. Check out this article when you can!

(July 2020) 


Major thank you to Los Angeles Motion Picture festival for these awesome trophies and the gift trophies as well. You all have been amazing from the start.

(May 2020)


For Your Consideration Emmy’s Red Carpet Charity Event in Van Nuys, CA representing our show Class Act TV Show that got on the ballot for an Emmy nomination last year! If you haven’t watched the show yet, check us out on Amazon Prime!

(April 2020)




  Thank you Los Angeles CineFest for recognizing Odd Man Out: The Series and naming us a Semi-Finalist for Best Web Series. Congrats to all the other nominees! (April 2020) 

 Grateful to announce new representation! Pleased to be working with Wild Models and Talent Agency in their Commercial and Print Department in New York City! 
(March 2020)

Excited to announce I'll be working with Posche Models & Talent in their Theatrical and Commercial Division in NYC!

(February 2020) 

Pleased to announce that I'll be working with Nina Lubarda Model Management, also known as Future Faces NYC, in their modeling division! 

(February 2020)

I'm excited to announce that I'll be working with Pantera Murphy Agency in their Theatrical/Legit Division in New York City!

(February 2020)

It's with great pleasure that I can announce that I'll be working with Buchwald Talent Agency (NY) in their Commercial and Commercial Print divisions!

(February 2020)


I’m excited to announce that our film “What’s To Come” has won the Bronze Award for Best Web Series/TV Pilot at the Independent Short Awards in Los Angeles, CA! Stay tuned, lots more to come from this project. It’ll be available for everyone to see soon. Congrats to the team on our first win! (January 2020)

Belated to announce that Odd Man Out: The is an official selection at Indie Short Fest in the categories of “Best Web and New Media” and “Best Web Series/TV Pilot.” Thank you to the festival for the recognition and the opportunity to share this. (November 2019)

 Excited to announce that Odd Man Out: The Series has been selected to screen online, during Paris Lift-Off Film Festival 2019 in Paris, France! We look forward to audiences in Paris viewing our work. More details to come. (October 2019) 

Proud to announce another project in development. *Between Us*. I’ve had this one for a little while now, another amazing (original) story that will be told. It’s now slated as a short film. Details to come! (September 2019) 

Excited to announce I’ve signed with Baron Entertainment in Los Angeles, CA for theatrical and commercial representation!  (September 2019) 

It is with great honor that I can announce that Odd Man Out: The Series has won Best Web Series in the August Edition 2019 at the Oniros Film Awards!! Next step, a chance to be awarded the Annual Award and be part of the Prestigious Annual Gala with Live Screening and Award Ceremony, that will take place at the Palais Theater, in the town of Saint-Vincent, Italy, in August 2020! Thank you for the recognition of our work & congrats to the other winners! (September 2019)

 Proud to have warped another project! “What’s To Come”, coming soon. Here are some behind the scenes photos! (August 2019)

Thank you to Voyage LA on a great article and taking the time to interview me about my journey as an artist. Link to the article below! (July 2019)

 New Acting Reel 2019! (July 2019)

 Excited to announce that I’ll be playing one of the leads and will be co-executive producing a TV Movie entitled “What’s to Come”, shooting in a few weeks in August! More details to come. (July 2019)

 Our show Class Act is on the ballot for Emmy® 2019 For Your Consideration in Category 93, Outstanding Short Form Comedy or Drama Series. It was an amazing For Your Consideration campaign we ran this year. We’re still being considered, so fingers crossed for us!. Thank you to the TV Academy for the opportunity to submit! (July 2019) 

 Television Academy Members, friends & Family — today is the last day for voting! It’s been an amazing few weeks campaigning for our show Class Act, an Original Series. This is one of our promo shots for the show shot by the amazing Brad Everett Young. TV Academy Members, you have until tonight at 10pm. Please consider Class Act in Category 93, Outstanding Short Form Comedy or Drama Series. Thank you for Your Consideration and the opportunity to share this platform with our other incredible SAG AFTRA members. Cheers to the journey! (June 2019)

Several projects in production for real! The work NEVER stops. Television Academy members, there’s only a few more days left for voting! We’d greatly appreciate your vote for Class Act in category 93, Outstanding Short Form Comedy or Drama. More of Class Act on the way! (June 2019) 

 TV Academy Members:

With it being the last week of voting, please consider Class Act in the Short Form Comedy or Drama Category. 

Class Act is streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Thanks for watching and voting! (June 2019) 

 Voting for the nominations round of the 2019 Emmys® is officially open, and we are thrilled to announce that “CLASS ACT” is on the ballot for...


Currently available and streaming on Amazon Prime, the series follows a group of struggling actors as they fight for their chance in the spotlight while trying to maintain some semblance of normal lives and relationships.

You can watch “CLASS ACT” on Amazon Prime right now:

Keep telling your stories.

(June 2019)

 It’s official! Class Act, is out and streaming on Amazon Prime. I’m very proud to have acted and co-produced this project, under 5R Productions. Go watch us on Prime!! (June 2019) 

Proud to be standing on the red carpet for a For Your Consideration screening and reception for our show Class Act. Screening was a big success with academy voters and friends and family. (June 2019) 

  • Class Act producers and actors/actresses on the Red Carpet at the For Your Consideration charity viewing event and fundraiser at the Elks Lodge in Van Nuys, CA. We’re up for Outstanding Short Form Comedy or Drama Series. Such a great night with my fellow cast mates, produces & friends. Best of luck to all the projects and actors/actresses that submitted! (May 2019) 

 Very excited to announce I’ve signed with AB2 Talent Agency in Los Angeles, CA for Commercial and Print Representation. Thrilled to start this new journey!

(May 2019)

West Coast University Print Job Billboard - Dallas, TX.

(May 2019) 

 Official Laurel for my Best Actor Win at the Malibu West International Film Awards! (April 2019)


Proud to announce that I’ve won a “Best Actor” award at the Los Angeles Motion Picture Festival in Malibu, CA for Odd Man Out: The Series! It’s an amazing feeling to be recognized for your work on your own show. Grateful for the opportunities this show has provided me! (April 2019) 


We’re extremely excited to announce that Odd Man Out: The Series is a finalist at the Oniros Film Festival in the category of “Best TV/Web Series!” Official winners will be announced soon!! Thank you Oniros Film Awards for the finalist selection! (April 2019) 


Thrilled to officially announce that I’ve obtained an official selection in one of the “Best Actor” categories at the Los Angeles Motion Picture Festival, formally known as Malibu West International Film Awards! Grateful for this selection and the recognition of my work on Odd Man Out: The Series. It is an honor to create a show loosely based on my own life. And the process continues! (March 2019)

We have some exciting new developments for Odd Man Out: The Series! Announcements coming soon! (March 2019) 

We are super excited to announce that Odd Man Out: The Series is an official selection at the Oniros Film Awards in Italy for the month of March in the category of “Best Web/TV Series.” Thank you Oniros for selecting our project as one of the best recently submitted! Fingers crossed for the win 🤞🏾(March 2019) 

Class Act, an original series...coming soon! So excited to share with everyone Season 1 of our comedic series, about a bunch of actors in LA :)

Check out our website below. Coming to a screen near you! (February 2019)


We’re on Roku! We’re so excited to announce that Odd Man Out: The Series is now streaming on Roku in the following regions: Ireland, Peru, Colombia, Honduras, France, Mexico, United States, Guatemala, United Kingdom, Costa Rica, Panama, Argentina, Canada, Chile, Nicaragua and El Salvador. Our series can be found by searching “Creative Content Channel” in your Channel Store or by using code CCTV19 and you’ll see us! Thank you Roku for this amazing opportunity for our show to be seen all over the world! (February 2019)

Our Award Trophy has arrived! Thank you to Royal Wolf Film Awards for providing us with our complimentary "Best of the Month" trophy for "Best Narrative Film" for the month of December 2018 for our film Face Off The Movie! Congrats to our entire team for their hard work! (February 2019)

Odd Man Out: The Series is an official winner in the category of "Best Web/Media Film" at Falcon International Film Festival in London! This is our first international win! Link to view all the winners can be found here: (February 2019)

Odd Man Out: The Series has been picked up for distribution and is now being streamed on Amazon Prime in the United States and United Kingdom! (February 2019)

Official landing page URL for the United States:

Official landing page URL for the United Kingdom:

We are so excited to officially announce that Odd Man Out: The Series is now up and streaming on Colored Content! (February 2019) Press image below and here's the link to stream the series: 

Here's an article that Colored Content did on me prior to them streaming our series! (September 2018)

Exclusive Q & A with Odd Man Out Creator Ronnel Parham

Link here:


Natural Selection - FIAT 500x

Here's a Fiat commercial I was apart of in 2017

FIAT - Crossover To The Wild

Here's another Fiat spot I shot in 2017!